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One search engine, infinite possibilities


Uplogic learns from each and every customer interaction with AI learning.


Delay is not acceptable, we indulge your customer with instant search.

Doing more for less

We offer customer friendly pricing.

Intelligent and personalized search is our added value to your business.

If you are looking to have a smarter and faster tool of engaging your customers right from the word go, you have come to the right place. What’s more, we do more for less by offering our clientele affordable and friendly pricing. Enhance your customers search and ultimate shopping experience. Boost conversion with Uplogic.

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How it works



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Boost Conversion

Lay down & enjoy boosted conversion

Why Uplogic?

Accurate search result

Uplogic is very sensible and sensitive enough to understand every customer. By ensuring that all the research results are accurate, a lot of time is saved which gives your customers a fast and effective shopping experience. We therefore guarantee you of increased conversion rates which keep getting better as you get more customers to your site.

  • Smart autocomplete and Spellcheck
  • Synonyms, keyword-based suggestions
  • Customized UX/UI (for Enterprise solution)

AI Search

The highly sophisticated artificial intelligence software continuously leans from your shoppers as they interact with your platform. As they use some of the search functions on your online store, the AI tool takes note of important information that can be used to enrich your customers’ shopping experience the next the next time they shop with you.

  • Artificial Intelligence search
  • Behavioral search
  • Image Content Analysis

Optimization for Conversion

Constantly promote and boost the products you want to sell or hide products from the search result. You can exclude or include a predefined product category on the results page where the search query has any of the listed keywords. It works on a very simple logic; you select the query, then we prompt the product to the customer on the results page.

  • Featuring products
  • Redirects and Stopwords
  • Product recommendation

Unique Search Interface

The Visually appealing interface of search increases the perceived value of your store, aids in better usability and boosts conversion. Snippets & Highlighting, the live search suggestions box and drop down menu gives your customers a wholesome shopping experience.

Reporting & Analytics

Uplogic helps you to create the ‘story’ behind your data, lets you know what works or needs to be improved. We offer you access to valuable data and insights to use in ensuring a stellar performance of your business.

Easy integration

At Uplogic, we believe that simplicity is the ultimate art of excellence. Our solutions ensure that you have both intelligence search as well as easy integration without any trade-offs.
Uplogic Requires Absolutely NO Configuration.


"We have tried all search plugins out there. Uplogic is the best; it is easy to use, solid and fast, and most importantly, you get more than what you pay for.

Jeffrey Smith

Smiths shoppe

"We intent to give a better shopping experience to our customers. We sell joy on www.joigifts.com, customer tries to find a unique one on www.joigifts.com. Therefore, “Search was key!” to build a productive dialog between customer and the website itself. Uplogic turned our customers’ search experience into “AHA” moment. "

Alper Celen


"Before 70% customers who couldn’t find the right product was leaving the website. Only 30% was contacting customer support team for help. Now, Uplogic not only helps us to keep customers on the website but also does customer support job by presenting right product in the smart search box."



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