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We amaze your customer with intelligent, personalized and instant search experience.

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Our goal is to help you increase your conversions by taking advantage of smart, accurate and relevant search results. The secret is giving your customer an all-in-one search and conversion solutions.

Our mission is to make your search advanced and take your Shopify business to the next level. Uplogic presents you with a smart, intelligent and dedicated search application that makes a great addition to your business. Your customers, every single one of them, gets an out-of-the-box shopping experience such that they will make your online shop the go-to business for all their needs. Basically, you get smart search tools, your customers enjoys stellar shopping experience.

In the truest sense, we provide the most advanced and affordable in-store search to stores of all types and sizes. By taking advantage of the benefits that come with using Uplogic, your business’ productivity will more than double thus making it more profitable. Uplogic is therefore a search technology that is specifically built to empower your business into scaling the heights in your industry and the economy at large.

Team of professional eCommerce experts with deep eCommerce development experience and client success deliver cutting-edge search experience to your customers. There is a customer support team that is constantly at your beck and email. You need not wait for long before your query is answered. Our customer support specialists deploy answers and solutions in real time which gives you total control over your business.