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Re-energize Your Business through
Smart Search

Uplogic’s enterprise solutions come with state-of-the-art design capabilities as well as efficient customer intelligence that makes every single search experience profitable. There is also individualized support which makes us a unique and preferred choice.

Premium Features of Advanced Search


Each and every single of your customers are guaranteed of a unique and special range of results that are based on their interests and preferences.

Fully customizable UI

Our UI solution is customized according to your business needs search that the search result and live search suggestions work depending on your product offerings. It is as if it was 100% designed for your website.


If your website is rapidly expanding in terms of data metrics, no need to worry, Uplogic will accommodate you.

Granting You Unlimited Abilities

Uplogic offers you the rare opportunity of running your business with absolutely no limitations in terms of what you can or cannot do. Examples here include unlimited search terms, no limits applied on all your products as well endless API requests.

All-time analytics

The software comes with an analytics functionality which gives you the capability to use the data in determining the future growth patterns for your business and the industry at large.

Dedicated Customer Support

A real human customer support team is on standby to provide 24/7 guidance to all our esteemed customers. The team is easily reachable and very knowledgeable thus giving you the assurance of helping you with your issue to the very end.

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